NEW SAHARA 4 Home Fire Safety App

The SAHARA 4 Home Fire Safety app is a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower high school students in assessing their risk of home fire safety and gain valuable education to mitigate these risks. This free app provides a user-friendly platform for students to engage with fire safety content, assess their risks, and gain valuable insights to create safer home environments.

Energy Career Literacy program aligned with the CALM curriculum


Educating and empowering youth to stay safe, reach for the stars, and live their best life!

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How SiS Impacts
Our Community as a Whole


  • Industry-recognized HSE courses aligned to curriculum to assist teachers
  • Students can pick up an extra credit if they are short to graduate
  • Empowers students to take control of their personal safety in everything they do
  • SiS Mental Wellness course makes it easier to introduce topic and removes stigma
  • Establishes a safety mindset at a young age 4 life!


  • Young employees are better prepared for work
  • Empowered with resources and education to tackle mental health related issues
  • SiS trained employees result in fewer injuries
  • Reduced time away improves the bottom-line
  • Happier employees and a safer work environment equates to higher job satisfaction and productivity!


  • Lowers burden on health care system and related insurance costs due to workplace injuries
  • Helps remove stigma and educates young people to tackle mental health issues
  • Safety awareness impacts basic life skills and decision-making
  • Empowers young people with the tools they need to live a safe, happy, healthy, active lifestyle 4 life!


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The SiS Path to Success is Easy and it’s FREE!

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