Stories of Real People

At SiS, we believe strongly that safety and respect go hand-in-hand in today’s inclusive workplace. The following materials have been curated from a variety of industry, educational and government sources.

Safety in Schools

Why do we do what we do? Because we care. And because we believe the best place to implement change in terms of promoting ‘safety first’ work cultures is with today’s students – tomorrow’s workers.

Real People, Real Life

Nothing hits home quite like listening to someone who’s lost a limb or, worse, a loved one, in a workplace accident. As you watch these videos consider not just the impact on the accident victim, but on their family, friends and co-workers – and the fact that most were preventable.

• Fred Broughton: A Father’s Story (small graphic link to Fred Boughton video)

You shouldn’t have to bury your child, but Fred and Eva Broughton did just that after their son Bruce died from a fatal fall while on the job.

• Daniel Shoemaker: Chairman of the Board (small graphic image link to Daniel’s video)

Daniel Shoemaker went from losing an arm at the top of an oil rig to becoming a champion snowboarder and surfer, to CEO of his own company: Adaptive Lifestyle Solutions.

• Nicole Sereda: Just a little favour (small graphic image link to Nicole’s video)

What was supposed to be just a quick favour turned into severe injuries, multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain for Nicole Sereda after being crushed by a heavy load that wansn’t secured properly.

• Candace Carnahan: Watch your step (small graphic image link to Candace’s video)

One misstep. One second of inattention. That’s all it took for Candace Carnahan to put her foot in the wrong place, resulting in the loss of her left leg below the knee to an unguarded conveyor belt.

• Julie Hamilton: A Mother’s Story (small graphic link to Julie’s video)

Tim Hamilton was working to save money for college, but he never got the chance after a metal pole on the party tent he was raising contacted a high voltage power line. It didn’t have to happen.

• Dan Plexman: Starting Over (small graphic link to Dan’s video)

After suffering third-degree electrical burns to 70% of his body, Dan has re-learned how to perform many everyday tasks – but the physical and emotional scars remain.

• Adele Tait: Alberta OHS Investigator (do we have this clip? If so, small graphic link to Adele’s video)

Adele Tait has seen more than her fair share of workplace accidents. As an investigator for Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, she knows all too well the impact they have … and the fact many, if not most, could have been avoided.

• Christian Labour Association of Canada: Before Day’s End

Every day, someone gets THE phone call. There’s been an accident on the job. Someone you care for has been hurt, maybe worse. This video from CLAC advocates for the support both victims AND their loved ones need.

Other Videos

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Try this list of videos covering a range of occupational health and safety issues.

Ground Disturbance and Damage Prevention

  • Dig With CARE (formerly CSI 811)
  • Fortis: Power Line Safety
  • Ground Disturbance Informational Video Produced by Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
  • It’s Your Call
  • Brochures and Other Information
    • Call before you dig brochure and website
    • Colour codes
    • Living Near a High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline: The TransCanada Rocky Mountain Region
    • Living Near a High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline: The TransCanada Wildrose System
  • Why I Work Safely
  • Daniel Shoemaker: Chairman of the Board
  • Brochures and Other Information
    • Pipeline Safety Brochure
    • Courtesy Matters Brochure
    • Courtesy Matters Handout
    • Living Near a High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline: The TransCanada Rocky Mountain Region
    • Living Near a High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline: The TransCanada Wildrose System

Natural Gas

  • Gas Leak? Your Nose Knows
  • Encana Natural Gas – A Bright Future (Part 1)
  • Encana Natural Gas – A Bright Future (Part 2)
  • Brochures and Other Information
    • Natural Gas Emergency Response Pamphlet
    • Natural Gas Excavators Information Pamphlet
  • ENMAX Hazardous Electrical Awareness Tutorial (HEAT)
  • Julie Hamilton: A Mother’s Story
  • Dan Plexman: Starting Over

Drive Safe

  • Introduction
  • Cell Phones
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Other Driver Distractions – Part 1
  • Other Driver Distractions – Part 2

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