Celebrating 100,000 Certificates

Safety in Schools, our Founding Partners and Lead Sponsor, are excited to announce the award of our 100,000th safety training certificate.

That’s more than $3.5 million worth of workplace safety training delivered at no cost to students to date!

This is a huge milestone and we could not have achieved it without the ongoing support of our sponsors and partners and the continued commitment of educators.

Our goal is to prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge they need to recognize and avoid hazards, and a commitment to actively participate in their own health and safety. 100,000 certificates is a huge step toward that goal!

Thank you to everyone who helped us get here, for your commitment to this program and to the values that drive everything we do.

Founding of Safety in Schools

After reading an article about the large number of young people being hurt in the workplace, Cal Fairbanks, President and CEO of ComplyWorks, discovered a need to develop safety awareness with kids. 

A meeting with the Minister of Education from the Alberta government confirmed there was a gap in the school system and a need to bring safety awareness programs into high schools.

Resources weren’t available through the government, so ComplyWorks looked to industry to seek partners who were believers in the idea.

After conducting a feasibility study in 2010, ComplyWorks partnered with SWIFT Learning to create the Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada. Not long after, the program attracted current Lead Sponsor, TC Energy.

History of Safety in Schools

  • 2010: Feasibility Study and Founding of Safety in Schools
  • 2011: Pilot program in one school with seven students
  • 2012: Program opened to schools across Alberta
  • 2013: 80+ schools reached; first industry sponsors
  • 2014: First school speaking tour
  • 2015: 150+ schools reached
  • 2016: Partnership with Service Hospitality (SK)
  • 2017: Saskatchewan Pilot program
  • 2018: 270+ schools reached
  • 2019: 300+ schools; 45+ in SK
  • 2020: 100,000th certificate awarded

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Safety in Schools 100,000 Certificates Milestone – Media Kit

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