Do SiS courses align with provincial K-12 curriculums?

SiS courses are aligned with various provinces including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia.  We continue to ensure they are aligned as we expand to meet all provincial K – 12 curriculums. (Click tab to view course alignment PDFs for Alberta). (Click tab to view course alignment PDF for Saskatchewan)

Would these courses be valuable on a resume?

Yes, our HSE courses donated by SWIFT Learning were developed for industry and widely used and recognized. The SiS course certificates  will give you a big advantage over people who don’t have this industry training.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

1. Click the Sign In tab in the upper right on any page.

2. Click on ‘Forgot Your Password’.

3. Enter your email address, then click ‘Email My Password’

4. Your password will be emailed to you

I’m having problems logging in to my SiS account. What should I do?

Confirm that you are using the correct email address and password. If you attempt to log in unsuccessfully too many times, your account will be locked and you’ll need to submit an Administrative Support Request to unlock it.

I set up a student account. Why can’t they log in?

Please check the student’s profile and make sure their email and other account information was entered correctly. If you don’t find any errors and the student continues to have login issues please submit a request for Technical Support.


Do I need to complete a course all in one sitting?

No, you can work at your own pace. Just click the Exit Course icon to save your place in the course and the Continue Course icon to return to where you left off. Tests must be completed in one sitting.


Can I review a course I’ve already mastered?

Yes, you can access the course material for one year after you start it. Just click the Review button beside the Certificate button on your My Courses page.

I passed all the pre-tests in my course, do I have to take the final post-test?

No, if you pass all the pre-tests you do not have to take the post-test.

Why did I get kicked out of my post-test before I finished?

An adaptive testing algorithm keeps track of the number of questions you’ve completed and your score. Once you’ve answered enough questions incorrectly that you can no longer achieve the score required for mastery, there’s no point in completing the test and you’re timed out. If you believe you were timed out in error, submit a request for Technical Support.

I’ve already mastered my course, why does it say I haven’t started yet?

You may have accidentally pressed the Restart Course tab on your My Courses page. To reset your mastery status send an email to [email protected] with your name and email address. Don’t confuse pre-tests with post-tests and remember that just completing a course isn’t the same as mastery.

I scored below 80% on my post-test, can I try again?

Yes, you can review the course and take the post-test as many times as you need to. First, select Continue Course from your My Courses page. Select Course Achievements from the navigation panel, expand your Completed Tests list and select a test to view your results. If you think you’re ready, go back to Course Achievements and click the Course Post-Test button for that course.

Note: Clicking Restart Course will cause you to lose access to your previous tests and course achievements. Only restart a course if you’ve reached the maximum number of post-tests allowed (10) without achieving mastery.

I know I answered a question correctly that was marked wrong, what should I do?

Take a screenshot of the error and email it to us with your name, email address and password at [email protected] along with a brief description of what happened.


I’ve completed my course, how do I get my certificate?

If you’ve achieved mastery level, a Certificate button will appear beside the course name on your My Courses page. Click the button to open the certificate and then save or print it. It can take up to 15 minutes after course completion for the Certificate button to appear.

If you want to verify your status, click Continue Course, go to the Course Achievements page and take a screenshot of your successful test results. Log out for 15-20 minutes then log back in to the My Courses page. If your certificate is still not there, send a request for Technical Support listing Course Status Error as the issue.

Why does my certificate have my teacher’s name on it and not mine?

Your teacher may not have created your account correctly. If this happens, include your full name and email and your teacher’s name on a request for Administrative Support.


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