How SiS Impacts Our Community as a Whole


  • The HSE courses from SWIFT Learning are industry-recognized. This could be the difference maker on a student’s resume.
  • Our HSE courses are aligned with curriculums to meet government legislation in different regions.
  • In Alberta, where it all began, we have aligned our HSE courses with the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) learning stream including AGR3000: Agricultural Safety, HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems, HCS3010: Workplace Safety Practices, as well as many other CTS and Career and Life Management (CALM) outcomes.
  • Students can work towards various safety certifications while still in school. The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists, American Board of Industrial Hygiene and University of Calgary Continuing Education all award credits for various SiS courses.
  • Students have course access 24/7 from any device so there’s never an excuse not to get it done!  Maybe that’s a teacher benefit 🙂
  • eLearning allows the student to work at their own pace and accommodates all learning styles.
  • Short one credit, no problem we have that covered too!


  • Your job just got easier!  You do not need to add Safety Expert to your long list of skills. These courses are  completed independently!  Enroll your students and grab that much needed coffee break!  
  • Everything is tracked and it’s straight forward to review your students progress, mastery, etc. in our, dare we say, spiffy new and improved Teacher Dashboard.
  • SIS SWIFT Support is always there if you need it but we’ve created online help guides, video tutorials, and a custom request form just in case.
  • Enrolling your students in these courses could be a game changer, maybe even prevent an accident or save a life!
  • Not only do students learn life-saving safety skills they learn to think about their mental health and how that is a critical factor in their safety whether they are at work, school, home or at play. 

Business & Industry

  • SiS students/workers  are educated not only to recognize safety hazards but also whether they are fit for the job “mentally”. 
  • SiS students/workers are empowered to refuse work which equates to preventing incidents on the job.
  • Hiring SiS students with industry-recognized certificates means less time and money spent on safety training.
  • Preventing incidents saves time, money, improves employee morale, oh and SAVES LIVES!!!

You can’t put a price on having over 60 % of your body burned, losing an arm, a leg, not to mention a life, especially at a young age, it’s unfathomable.

SiS understands the lasting impact preventable injuries and fatalities have on the emotional well-being of the survivor that has to deal with their injury or injuries for the rest of their life.  Or in the case of a lost life, the loved ones left behind. It’s what drives us to do what we do.

SiS is committed to reducing and preventing injuries and accidents at work, school, home and at play 4 life!  We are committed to creating a safer world where young people can grow old and live their best life.

OHS Head Start

SiS HSE courses can give students interested in a career in Occupational Health and Safety a head start towards SWIFT Learning safety certificates. The University of Calgary awards up to 30 hours of credit towards their Occupational Health and Safety programs.

To obtain the Safety Practitioner (SP) certificate you require 12 hours of training from the following Core Courses. Click any title to view full course description.

  • Alberta OH&S Awareness (3 hours)
  • Critical Incident Investigation (2 hours)
  • Emergency Response Planning (3 hours)
  • Energy Isolation (1.5 hours)
  • Hazard Assessment Procedures (2 hours)
  • Hazard Recognition (2 hours)
  • Health and Safety Committees (1 hour)
  • Health and Safety Program Basics (2 hours)
  • Job Safety Analysis (1 hour)
  • WHMIS 2015 (GHS) (2 hours)
  • Workplace Inspections (1 hour)

To obtain the Safety Specialist (SS) certificate you require the SP certificate prerequisite and 12 hours of training from the Elective Courses listed below.

  • Asbestos Awareness (2 hours)
  • Distractions and Proactive Driver Training (1 hour)
  • Fall Protection Equipment (2 hours)
  • General Fire Safety (1.5 hours)
  • Ground Disturbance and Excavations (1.5 hour)
  • H2S and Other Toxic Substance Awareness (2 hours)
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (2 hours)
  • Overhead Power Line Awareness (2 hours)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (1 hour)
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (2 hours)
  • Working in Confined Spaces (1.5 hours)

To obtain the Safety Technologist (ST) certificate you require the SP and SS certificate prerequisites and 12 hours training from courses in the Enrichment Series.

  • Bear Safety Awareness (1 hour)
  • Cold Stress Awareness (1 hour)
  • General Electrical Safety (2 hours)
  • Heat Illness Awareness (1 hour)
  • Ladder Safety Training (1 hour)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (3 hours)


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