The Safety in Schools (SiS) Foundation of Canada established in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta with one school, has continued to grow and expand across Canada thanks to our SiS Champions! Contact us to if you would like to make an impact on our youth to live their best life!

Our Champions

Co-Founder and Sponsor

Kim Adophe, CEO of SWIFT Learning and SiS co-founder and Chairman of the Board is a passionate supporter of workplace safety, mental health, brain health, and living an active lifestyle for young people.  The dedicated team at SWIFT Learning oversees the management of SiS.

SWIFT is a social enterprise that has provided their cloud-hosted Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) library and other eLearning courses to High Schools throughout Canada to SiS since inception. Their contribution to SiS alone represents over $5,000.000 dollars to date.

Corporate Sponsors

TC Energy has been a key sponsor for the SiS Foundation since 2015. During this time, we commenced engagement with First Nations (Siksika, Tsuu T’ina and Blood Tribes) expanded to new schools reaching more young people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia (including schools in First Nations communities)”. We've delivered in excess of 150,000 mastered certificates. We would not be here without the generous support from TC Energy.

Key Partners

It takes teamwork to make the dream work, and in 2017 Service Hospitality helped make part of that dream a reality by partnering with SiS to deliver our first course offerings outside of Alberta. Working hand-in-hand with the CEO of Service Hospitality out of their Regina office, we’ve grown from a small SiS pilot program to having nearly 50 schools in nine school districts across Saskatchewan accessing our courses on a regular basis.

Service Hospitality is a Saskatchewan-based, non-profit safety association funded by employers in the hotel, restaurant, laundry and community services industries and has a membership of nearly 4,100 employers representing over $1.5 billion in payroll. They provide evaluation, consultation, and training to help employers improve their safety management systems, and to proactively influence future workers (youth, immigrants, first nations, partners with abilities) to drive safety cultural change in Saskatchewan.

In addition to promoting our SiS courses, you can access Service Hospitality TV series in the Resources section of this website.



CAP Health was a key contributor to the new SAHARA App and Training Program providing a mental wellness specialist to develop a series of mental wellness questions. This personal wellness assessment empowers workers to recognize the link between their mental wellness and how that directly correlates to their risk of being injured in the workplace and in everything they do.

CAP Health offers a revolutionary, proactive approach to health and wellness for young and old alike at their beautiful clinic in downtown Calgary. As the flagship clinic for CAP Corporation, they offer unique patented programs and state-of-the-art treatments that enable peak body and brain health at every age! CAP’s expert therapists can assess and treat your body and brain to deliver unimaginable improvements in your wellness, happiness, athletic performance, and cognitive function – 4 life.

Utility Safety Partners  – Former Alberta One-Call, Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), and the Joint Utility Safety Team

ABCGA has partnered with SiS on two online course projects funded by Innovation & Engagement Grants from Alberta OHS. Digger’s Guide to Bone Burying is aimed at elementary schools, teaching kids the basic concepts of safe digging while most are still at the ‘sandbox’ level. The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong is targeted at high school and adult audiences and delves a little deeper into the subject matter.


Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

ACSA has partnered with SiS on two online course projects – Propane and Natural Gas Safety at Home and Tragedy at the Quarry – as well as on past speaker series.

Alberta Sand and Gravel Association

Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA)

Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA)

Tragedy at the Quarry is a great example of how industry and government can work together to achieve common goals. In this case, SiS worked closely with ASGA and ARHCA on a Creative Sentencing-funded initiative promoting safety awareness to a very specific segment of the construction industry.

Funding Partner

Government of Alberta

Other Champions

  • Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life)
  • Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA)
  • Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA)
  • Alberta Sand & Gravel Association (ASGA)
  • Bennett Jones
  • Birchcliff Energy
  • Burnco
  • CAP Corporation
  • Candace Cameron
  • Complyworks
  • Dan Plexman
  • Kal Tire
  • Olds College
  • Shaw
  • Threads of Life, Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support
  • Utility Safety Partners (formally ABCGA)
  • Westcan Bulk Transport

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