SAHARA (Safety And Hazard Assessment Risk Awareness) App and Training Program

One of the most exciting new programs from SiS is SAHARA (Safety and Hazard Assessment Risk Awareness) an app and eLearning training program.

“Following two incidents, one work related, that led to funding a portion of this project, and the other sports related, a light bulb went on. I realized that mental wellness should always be factored into assessing a hazard, in fact, it should be factored into almost everything we do!” stated Kim Adolphe.

CAP Health sponsored a mental wellness specialist to develop a series of questions. The student logs into the SAHARA app then selects workplace hazards from a comprehensive list and/or adds custom hazards. Then they are presented with the wellness assessment questions. Their responses are personal and confidential only intended to determine their fitness for work. A SAHARA Score is generated indicating low, medium, or high based on their input along with individualized training recommendations.

The first vertical industry SAHARA is targeted at is for the service, hospitality, and tourism industry, where many high school students find their first entry level jobs. We will continue to expand its application with the second vertical planned for the welding industry. SAHARA will empower students to recognize the link between their mindset and mental wellness and how that directly correlates to their risk of being injured in the workplace.

Register your students in the SAHARA course and have them download the App from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. They log in to the App on their phone and that’s all there is to it!

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