Calgary Fire Department and Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada Partnership

A Fire Safety App and eLearning Courses for Teens and Young Adults

November 28th, 2022 – Calgary, AB – The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) and the Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada (SiS) are pleased to announce a new partnership to develop a Fire Prevention and Safety app and online program for teens and young adults which will be delivered to high schools and post secondary institutions in Calgary and the surrounding area first quarter of 2023.

“This unique Fire Safety program will offer us the ability to reach young people in high school and post-secondary institutions through their phones, making the program highly accessible and inviting. It provides a proactive approach to sharing important information about how to prevent residential fires and stay safe in other social settings.” said Deputy Chief Pete Steenaerts of the Calgary Fire Department.

Kim Adolphe, SiS Chairman commented that, “Using the SAHARA app, students identify hazards in their home and then answer a series of psychosocial-related questions to assess the fire risk level. The fire safety and prevention related eLearning courses are delivered in over 100 languages which allows us to reach all members of our student community.”

About the SiS Foundation of Canada

SiS is committed to educating and empowering young people to stay safe at school, work, home, and at play. From grassroots beginnings starting with one school and seven students, the SiS family has grown to over 360 schools – with over 150,000 HSE related mastered certificates. SiS offers over 70 free eLearning courses and the patent pending SAHARA app donated by the co-founding company, SWIFT Learning, in addition to custom courses developed in partnership with government and industry.

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