New Course: Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship

Cyberbullying, like any form of bullying, can be damaging to the self-esteem, reputation and emotional/mental health of the person targeted. However, cyberbullying can be relentless in ways that face-to-face bullying is not – it can reach a victim anywhere at any time.

This is why our course provider and Founding Partner, SWIFT Learning, worked with subject matter experts to develop our newest course, Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship.

This two-hour course has been designed for everyone from Parents, Teachers, Adults, to Youth alike and generally uses the term “online mistreatment” when referring to “cyberbullying”.

Online peer mistreatment is something that we cannot eradicate, however as with all peer mistreatment we can assist the one being hurt, we can help prevent, we can reduce the harm and hopefully we can reduce the number of students who are doing the harm.

We are all, both young and old, navigating a new digital culture. Rules and social norms are often ambiguous. It is our social responsibility to understand, take ownership and, personal responsibility for ourselves and those around us so that we can all stay safe.

We can mitigate the risks by making responsible and ethical decisions in the online world by developing a strong sense of “digital citizenship”.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Recognize cyberbullying and online mistreatment
  • Identify a Cyber Bully, what they do and who they affect
  • Identify the technologies used to mistreat online
  • Apply effective strategies to prevent mistreatment
  • Apply effective strategies if it happens
  • Help reduce the harm
  • Develop a strong sense of digital citizenship and
  • Build resiliency for all

This course is now available to all Safety in Schools users for free through our Swift Learning Library!

Teacher-Orientated Course Available

SWIFT Learning has also worked closely with industry expert Stan Davis to develop their Bullying Prevention course, aimed at teachers and other educators.

Upon completion of this two-hour course, teachers/educators will be able to:

  • Strengthen a positive, inclusive school environment
  • Use effective strategies to reduce mistreatment and increase helpful behaviors
  • Help mistreating youth to change
  • Build resiliency for all
  • Support youth who are mistreated
  • Support positive actions by peers

This course is not available through our Safety in Schools library, but can be purchased through SWIFT Learning at a recently reduced rate of $25 per course.

Visit to learn more.

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